Interesting Facts About Being A Lawyer

A career in law is a productive and fulfilling pathway to choose. It can be exciting and fascinating; as evidenced in many popular films, such as Philadelphia and a Few Good Men. As well as television series like Law and Order and Suits. It is also a favorite literature genre, as seen in Jodi Picoult’s books, which always end in a dramatic court case. Is the world of law as high-paced and thrilling as it is portrayed in these different medias? Let’s go back in time and see.

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The History

Law is one of the world’s oldest “professions,” dating back to the time of ancient Greece. The orators, public speakers, of Greece were the first people to be pro bono lawyers, for the public’s safe or free. However, there were some differences then; individuals were to defend themselves, but most would call a friend to defend them without payment. This requirement was never abolished in Greece, even as it was widely disregarded by everyone. It wasn’t until the fourth century B.C, in Rome, that the ability to legally charge someone for these services became possible; with a fee ceiling, thanks to Emperor Claudius. This began a group of people who would think of a right mind set, as most before were schooled only in rhetoric. You could say that Rome formed the law into a profession, as this was never before seen.

The Hardest Place To Become A Lawyer?

Becoming a lawyer in South Africa is no small feat. Not only must the future lawyer be an over 21 South African citizen with a bright background, but one must also either complete a four-year bachelors degree to earn an LLB or a three-year bachelors law degree with two more years of study. The latter being the best preparation route for future lawyers. Following the required schooling, it is also a requirement to complete an apprenticeship in South African law. There are a few options to expand a future lawyers horizons in the law. One must complete either, a six-month: apprenticeship under a practicing lawyer, pupilage, community service law clinic, or a full-time program designed for law practice. Once all of the education is finished, a law student also has the bar exam to look forward to. This exam is administered twice yearly by the South African Law Society and is a requirement to continue on the path of law. It features legal topics about criminal law, will and estate law, and accident law, among other subjects.


The Different Sides To Law

There are many branches of law, and not all lawyers work in a firm or even in a court room. There is also a difference between an actual attorney and an advocate. A lawyer must “work independently of a law firm and must only defend their client in the court room.” says Danny Meeker, a¬†Penticton BC lawyer. On the flip side, an attorney can appear in court, advise customers, and do the necessary paperwork for them. They can also work for a firm or be independent as well. Most attorneys will have a particular area of expertise, whether it is: criminal law, contract law, or constitutional law.

While some lawyers specialize in multiple fields of law, it is unlikely that a criminal lawyer will also help someone with their divorce claims. Attorney’s are also forbidden to take multiple cases that have conflicts of interests between them. Nor can they allow their personal interests to interfere with the services they perform for their clients. They must also keep their customer’s confidence at all costs; even if their client admits to committing the crime, they are being defended against. The only extenuating circumstance when this trust can be broken is if the client speaks of intentions to harm someone and the lawyer believes it to be possible. Most lawyers work on a “contingency” basis, which means that they receive no payment unless they win the case. The payment is usually a percentage of the settlement received by the client. This makes the hard work necessary even more desirable.

To Conclude

While the real life of a lawyer is not as exciting as the many court room dramas, it can be a very rewarding and enjoyable. With a good work ethic lawyer has a unique chance to save the world one injustice at a time.

Marie Noren